An equitable healthcare system that addresses the multiple determinants of health of patients, providers, and communities




To strengthen the health of patients* and the providers* who serve them


CPPE studies the experience of both patients and providers with delivery of healthcare, especially in safety net settings.

       We work to generate evidence to support the development of equitable, learning health systems which meet the needs of patients, providers, and communities.

Our Team

We are a group of clinicians, investigators, and research staff based at Hennepin County Medical Center and its subsidiary, the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation. Our physician faculty investigators are also professors at the University of Minnesota Medical School.


* A word about language…

We believe in respectful, inclusive, and affirming language.

When we say “patients” and “providers,” we realize this represents only one dimension of people who have many roles within their communities.

Previously, we used terms like “vulnerable,” “underserved,” and “low income” to describe patients. We currently prefer to use “at risk for health inequities” to describe the people and communities who serve as the inspiration and focus of much of our work.