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With over 20 years of experience researching physician satisfaction and burnout, Dr. Mark Linzer has become one of the nation’s leading researchers on the subject. With his research as a solid base, he and his team have developed tools that help identify stressors and validated interventions to treat the issues.  

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We offer our materials to collaborators for free. We only ask if you make improvements to the tools, please let us know. To access our recommended materials to measure and address provider wellness at your own institution, please provide us with basic information about yourself and how you'll use the materials. This will allow access to:

  • The mini-Z survey to measure provider stress/burnout, with scoring options- 1, 2, 3
  • Several presentations about provider stress/burnout, and
  • A template for a Provider Wellness Committee charter to define the Purpose, Scope, and Objectives for an institution

We promise not to share your email with others and to use your information only to understand where/how our resources are being used.

If you wish to continue the conversation with our research team and consider a contracted arrangement for ongoing support in these important efforts, we are delighted to discuss this!

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