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Anna McWilliams

Anna McWilliams is a Research Assistant for the Center for Patient and Provider Experience.

Anna primarily assists Dr. Tyler Winkelman in his research, and also supports Dr. Kate Vickery in her investigations as needed. Her main project with Dr. Winkelman is centered around smoking cessation among the incarcerated. Other areas of research she may support in the CPPE will be related to homelessness, opioid use disorders, incarceration, chronic disease management, and health care policy.

Anna is a recent graduate of St.Olaf College in Northfield, MN, where she studied Spanish and also created her own major titled "Health Perspectives: Health and Wellbeing in the US". Her major sought to uncover the complexities in the US healthcare system from many perspectives, acknowledging that health is a result of the culmination of countless factors in our lives. In the past, Anna completed a research project as a Rockswold Health scholar at HCMC under the direction of Dr.Rachel Silva, seeking to uncover the demographic and medical profiles of pregnant people who are behind bars. She continued this project in her senior year at St.Olaf, and hopes to continue advocating for enhanced healthcare and rights for the incarcerated. For more information about the project or Anna's background, please visit her website here:

Fun Fact: Anna was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up speaking Polish! Maple Syrup, Curling, and Polish Pierogis will always have her heart :)