Dr. Mark Linzer & Sara Poplau

Dr. Mark Linzer & Sara Poplau


Our story began on a car ride in 2010.  Mark Linzer, Sara Poplau and Deborah Boehm created the Center for Patient and Provider Experience on a car ride returning from an inspiring first meeting with the Knowledge and Evaluation Research (KER) Unit, an experienced group of researchers, at the Mayo Clinic. We had just accepted the first of many collaborative partnerships with Mayo and thought it appropriate to create our own “home” for the research.  

The founders set up a core framework for CPPE merging 2 foci:

  • The patient’s experience
  • The continuation of Mark’s research interest on provider work life 

Over the years, we grew in people and projects, structured with weekly center meetings, occasional retreats, and explored potential growth with visiting faculty and learners.

The individuals who contribute to CPPE enjoy exploring their research agendas to create evidence to improve the lives of patients, providers, health systems, and communities.