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Sara Poplau

Sara is the Assistant Director for the Office of Professional Worklife at HCMC & Project Manager and co-founder of the Center for Patient and Provider Experience.

Sara's areas of research include medical provider (including doctors and advanced practice providers) satisfaction & wellness and burnout prevention. Her work focuses on creating a supportive workplace for providers and the health care team so they can best meet patients’ needs. She partners with Dr. Mark Linzer, a national authority on physician wellness, to conduct scientific research and make improvements in the health care system to decrease stressors and promote well-being. Sara has also contributed to the research of clinic- based randomized control studies to examine the impact of decision aides in clinical outcomes and medication adherence. She is interested in much of the CPPE research as both the patient and the provider sides of the equation contribute to long term, sustainable health for everyone.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota in Journalism and Spanish.

Fun fact: Sara enjoys playing tennis.

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