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Being clear about what questions are being asked and what will be done with the data is important. There are trade-offs between using a full survey created by an outside group (such as the one in this toolkit), choosing some questions from different established surveys, or completely making up your own.

In making this decision, you may want to consider:

  • What do you hope to do with the data you collect?

  • How important is comparison to other clinics or health systems?

  • Do you need or want to publish survey data?

    • NOTE: Plans to share data with external partners often require review from a Human Subjects Protection or Institutional Review Board.

  • Do you want to ask the same questions of patients, staff, providers, and other community members?

    • On the one hand, if you ask the same questions of all clinic community members, it can be easier to compare across groups. On the other hand, you may want to know certain topics that are specific to certain community members. Oftentimes, the answer is a mix of both!